Peter Bower, Redlench

Peter Bower, Redlench

Peter Bower was born in 1715. In 1739 he was married in Salisbury and described as a blacksmith. At the time of his death in 1795 (he was buried in Downton), he was then recorded as being a clockmaker. Redlench (or Redlinch) is the present day Redlynch.

Bower was reputed to have hung dials from trees around his house as a sign of his trade. This clock is a very slim and well-proportioned 6’6” tall, and is of 30 hour duration. The case is of oak in a characteristic Bower style with the heavily tapered pillars to the hood and simple rustic hearts and circles fretwork.

The 10” brass dial is well engraved, with Bower’s name in a cartouche and an angler fishing with his rod.

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