Thomas Keyte, Lavington

Thomas Keyte, (Market) Lavington

Thomas Keyte, (Kyte, Keite or Kite) was born in about 1690 and married Hester Piggot of Escott (Eastcott) in 1710.

The parish registers show that Thomas and Hester Keite or Kyte of Estcott had twelve children.

He died in 1756 and was buried in Urchfont. He is recorded as having carried out work on the Market Lavington church clock.

This is a clock made in the early part of the eighteenth century by an uncommonly found maker.

The birdcage movement has turned brass columns and strikes hourly.

The 10.75” dial unusually features “Tompion cherub head” spandrels and a single hand. Please note that the image of the dial shows it in unrestored condition.

The case is of medium dark oak, has a bullseye lenticle in the long trunk door and is 80” tall.

Price £2,250

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