Peter Bower, Redlench

Peter Bower, Redlench

Peter Bower was born in 1715. In 1739 he was married in Salisbury and described as a blacksmith.

At the time of his death in 1795 (he was buried in Downton), he was then recorded as being a clockmaker.

Redlench (or Redlinch) is the present day Redlynch.

This stunning example of Bower’s work is 7′ 7″ tall, has a simple 9″ square dial and a thirty-hour birdcage movement The clock has several nice features, one of which is the date 1754 carved on the inside of the door.

Other Bower clocks also have the date on the door.

The clock is complete with its characteristic two-part Bower pendulum.

Bower seemed to have used two different styles of cases for his thirty-hour clocks.

In oak of a beautiful deep colour, this is the style of case with bamboo shaped integral columns to the hood, and beautiful brass pierced hinges on the long oak door together with a brass escutcheon.

This clock is believed to have always been in the immediate Redlynch area.

Price £4,450

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